Cloud’s Gratitude Post

Carrie Jones
Nov 25, 2021

My cat gets into it.

Week-daily motivational/inspirational/celebrational (thanks Muppets) posts from my pets.

In a world that’s often so full of sadness and violence, greed and shallowness, it’s pretty cool to realize that love and hope are still here.

That empathy and gratitude are still here.

That hope is still here.

That YOU are still here.

Thank you for being here.



P.S. Cloud got into my closet where the stocking stuffers are stashed and there were cat nip toys in there. I thought she was sleeping a long time yesterday afternoon, but she had ripped open the bag, pulled the toys out, pulled out the cat nip and partied hard in the closet for hours. She may never be the same.

Cat on a box
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